Free Consultation
Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email to arrange a free consultation.

Request an Estimate
After a consultation I will be happy to supply you with an estimate on time and costs from what we've outlined. It's extremely difficult to predict how much time any particular website will take to create. This is why I can only supply an estimate and not a quote. However, I always add extra time in to an estimate to allow for any changes that you may request while the website is being developed. If I find that you are nearing the end of the extra estimated time, I will let you know.

Design, Development and Change Requests
A minutely rate means you can feel comfortable requesting small changes, like content, colour or images without having to worry about large fees.
£40 Per Hour

Charged per minute.
£0.67 for 1 minute
£3.33 for 5 minutes
£6.67 for 10 minutes
£20 for 30 minutes
£40 for an hour

Domain and Hosting
I am more than happy if you feel confident enough to arrange your own domain registration and hosting. If not, I can arrange them for you and send you an annual invoice. I recommend getting both the .com and domains if possible. If you need help deciding on a domain name, I would be happy to help.
Domain(s) £8 per year
.com £10 per year
Website and Email Hosting

Standard £75 per year
100 GB storage
10 email addresses

Premium £200 per year Unlimited storage
50 email addresses
Free quartly backup
Free website restoration

Ecommerce £300 per year Unlimited storage
100 email addresses
SSL Certificate
Free monthly backup
Free website restoration